QuickRef Overview

In less than 90 seconds, learn how QuickRef® can help all your z/OS personnel: Application Developers, System Operators, and System Programmers.

This introductory video highlights the key product features. Register with a valid email address to access lessons detailing MVS/QuickRef® usage, advanced topics, presentations, and other useful tools.


The QuickRef® Academy hosts video lessons, documentation, and tools related to MVS/QuickRef® from Chicago-Soft®

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The Quick Guide to QuickRef® provides educational videos on a wide range of topics for QuickRef® users.

The Developer's Corner contains informative videos and presentations by our Senior Developer, Chuck Davis.

The Community Forum contains articles submitted by QuickRef® users.

Field Developed Programs are submitted by QuickRef® users. No warranty is expressed or given, but you may find these enhance your QW experience.